About Us

Thank you for visiting Jujin Packaging! We hope you can have a complete understanding about us!

Jujin Packaging is a very young start-up in packaging industry. Being a very young innovator, we never limit ourselves with tradition. We are always dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients and the demand of the industry. 

Our business philosophy: We only focus on offering what is valuable for you. Not only can we provide you with the same goods and service that you expect from other suppliers, but also, we might be able to provide you with something that other suppliers cannot offer.

We have two manufacturing plants- one is in Shenzhen, China; the other is in Huizhou, China. There are about 500 people and more than 100 fully-automatic machines to support you.

There are more than 30 outstanding engineers with great expertise working in our packaging structure and process R&D departments to offer you the best technical support any time. Since 2009, Jujin Packaging has been operating with fully-automatic & intellectualized production. We have accumulated rich experience in automatic production. The vision- to have a competitive pricing, high quality and a short delivery has driven us to be an early adopter of automatic production in the industry. If we are lucky enough to become your packaging solution provider, we are confident that we can gain your recognition. 

Jujin Packaging is the first and only company that utilizes the most advanced Israeli technology- Scodix Digital 3D UV and Digital 3D Foil in premium packaging, which will enhance your competitive edge in the market. Supporting you in your continued success in business is the foundation of our continued growth. On the other hand, you also need us. 

In addition, Jujin Sourcing Department can also help to provide you with a one-stop sourcing center for hardware products and plastic products etc.

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